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Rocky Creek Lab

Rocky Creek Veterinary Service, a large animal, predominantly dairy, practice, has a microbiology lab for all milk culturing needs. Dr. Sanner, a graduate of Virginia Tech runs our microbiology lab.

Microbiology Lab

  • Spc (Bulk Tank) Aerobic & Mycoplasma
  • Ind Cow Aerobic & Mycoplasma Culture isolated reported Staph Aureus, Strep AG, Env Staph, Env Strep, Coliforms, prototheca, Strep Uberis, Pseudumonas, and mold/yeast
  • Bedding Culture
  • Samples plated daily with preliminary results with in 3-5 days depending on day of arrival
  • Mycoplasma results reported at 3 & 7 day after setup

Milk Sampling is the first step one takes when workingtowards identifying a problemwith the milk or the animal that produced the milk. Aseptic technique will help you ensurethat you do not expose the milk to contamination/cross contamination. Aseptic technique will also help you correctly identify the causative organisms.

These causative microorganisms can come from the cows skin, udder, and teats as well as on the hands of the sampler. Do not forget about the barn/cow shed environment. Contamination of samples will result in MISDIAGNOSIS


  • Sterile vials or sampling tubes (Tubes can be provided)
  • 70% Alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl)
  • Cooler box with ice or freezer packs for storing samples
  • Disinfectant for cleaning teats (effective germicidal products for pre-milking teat disinfection are recommended)
  • Paper towels or individual cloth towels (Be careful, sharing towels could easily lead to cross contamination)
  • Means of identify samples: Permant ink pen/marker

Sampling Procedure you should follow

1. Label the tubes prior to sampling (Information such as date, farm, cow and quarter where you get the sample from).
2. Brush loose dirt, bedding and hair from udder and teats Pre-Dip cows and teats ends.
3. Streak the first few streamsof milk (Strick foremilk) and observe milk.
4. Dry the teats using an individual towel.
5. Beginning with teats on the far side of the udder (relative to your side) scrub teat ends vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds with moist cotton balls moist, but not dripping wet, with the 70% alcohol. Scrub teat ends until no more dirt appears on the swab or on the teat end. Use only one swab per teat.
6. Begin sample from the closest teat. You then move to teats on the far side of the udder relative to your side. Remove the cap from sampling tube/vial but do not put the cap down or touch the inner surface of the cap. Ensure you keep the open end of the cap facing downward the whole time. Maintain the tube/vial tilted at 45 degree angle while sampling. Do not overfill tubes, especially if you have to freeze the samples otherwise they spill/get exposed to contaminates.
7. To collect a composite sample (Milk from all four quarters in the same tube). Begin sample collection with the nearest teats and progress to the teats on the far side of the udder.
8. Dip the teats in an effective teat disinfectant following sample collection/milking.
9. Store samples immediately in the cooler box containing ice or in a refrigerator.

Also here to help with newborn calf issues such as

  • Colostrum Culturing
  • Maternity pen bedding culture
  • Waste milk pre/post pasteurization culture
  • Milk replacer pre and post feeding culture
  • Measure clean lines of equipment
  • We also provide SCC (Somatic Cell Count) service
  • BTM (Bulk Tanks) counts
  • Ind cow counts to eliminate high cows (thus lower BTM SCC) and culture these animals
  • Provides routine monitoring of udder health herd

We would be happy to assist with the all above udder health needs. If you have any questions about above service or other udder health needs. If you have any questions about above service or other udder heatlh needs please do not hesitate to contact us.

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