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Microbiology Lab

The microbiology lab has been a great help to our clients. By utilizing this service, they and we are able to determine the kinds of pathogens we are dealing with and if they are contagious or environmental, so that we can determine the best course of treatment. If you are dealing with a contagious organism, such as staph aureus or mycoplasma bovis, certain measures need to be taken to keep the pathogens under control. BulkTank Milk Analysis: measures the cleanliness of equipment and cows and is useful in treating mastitis problems as well as insures that dairies are producing quality milk for consumers. Some environmental pathogens that can be detected are staph species, strep species, coliforms, kliebsiella, pseudomonas, prototheca and proteus. Depending on the pathogen, some may indicate a bedding problem, contaminated water or dip cups. Some environmental problems can also originate from poor milking procedures. Preliminary Incubation Count: is a way to measure raw milk keeping quality and sanitation practices on farms. This count is usually reflective of a dairy's cleanliness during the milking procedure and the equipment involved in the milking process. If the SPC plus PIC before pasteurization exceeds 300,000 cfu/ml, then shelf life is likely to be lower than desired and processors will often choose a tanker load of milk that is below this combined count.

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At Rocky Creek Veterinary Service, Inc., we offer herd health services for both beef and dairy cattle. Our wide range of services include ambulatory medicine and surgery, herd health consultation and management as well as a milk quality diagnostic laboratory. The practice also offers a large selection of animal health products.